Rothgar Torinn

The Bloody Executor of Justice


It was fortold by the Rothgar elders. One day the ancient black dragon, ancestor and founder of the clan. He to whom they owe their power and savagery would give them a son. A new leader to usher in a golden age of vicious terror.

The dragon Tyrgynar took exception to a couple who dared to live too close to his swamp and the Rothgar stronghold. He smashed his way into the home of the unsuspecting humans after taking the form of a swamp beast. He killed the man and savaged the women, leaving her to be captured by the Rothgar clan.

After several months of captivity an egg was brutally extracted from her body her corpse was left to rot. A warning to those who venture to close to the clans territory.

Torinn, the Prue blood dragonborn hatched and the clan celebrated what they thought would be the most vIle and evil of them all. But the young Torinn was anything but. He had much of his mother in him, a devout worshipper of the goddess Sarenrae and a kindhearted pure soul.

Torinn was constantly at war with himself. The Savage nature of his father ran strong in his blood and in his heart. But just as strong was his mother’s influence.

Disappointed and enraged by his failure to live up to expectations and his constant interference in the actions of clan Rothgar multiple attemptsources to take his life were made. And he was eventually exiled and sent to die in the wilderness.

Lost and alone Torinn came across the small settlement of Pawling where he thought he could live out the rest of his days in solitude. Ever tring to settle the battle of the forces within him.

Torinn settled into his new life and years later learned to quiet his darker urges. He found peace in the small settlement, and would have spent the rest of his years living a quiet life had the stories of his clan not reached him. Clan Rothgar had spread past its borders for the first time in many generations. Pillaging the surrounding countryside and extending it’s influence into major cities through lone agents. Everywhere a black dragonborn went, unspeakable evil followed.

Rothgar Torinn

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