Aphus is a world full of wonder, adventure, and riches, all of which are not hard to find.  However, it is getting to any (or all) that proves to be challenging.  Our adventure starts just south of the large city of Neverwinter in a small boomtown called Phandalin.  There has been rumor that a few individuals have found the entrance to the centuries lost Wave Echo Cave, and the Forge of Spells within:  a powerful creation of Human, Dwarf, and Gnome design that harnessed the latent magical energies of the cave into a blacksmithing forge specifically designed to create magical weapons.

Will our ragtag team of adventurers be able to find this lost mine before it is put to use by some dastardly foe?  Will they be able to put aside any differences they have in order to act as a cohesive unit?  Only time, and adventure, will tell.


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